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  • 27cbm-40cbm Tri-Axle Tipper Semi Trailer
Isuzu Wrecker truck

Isuzu Wrecker truck

wrecker truck

The main technical parameters

Model: ZP0W165302F

Total weight : 4495kg

Dimension : 5995 × 2310 × 2240mm

Curb weight: 3865 Kg

Cab number of passengers (person) :2 Load

Approach / departure angle : 27.7 °/ 15°

Front / rear overhang1055/1632mm

Number of shafts2

Wheelbase 2700, 2950, 3308mm

Axle load : 1600/2895 kg

Maximum speed110km/h


1. The car is used for road motorcycle obstacle clearance. The main special devices are flat plates, winches, wire ropes and oil cylinders. Supporting weight: 500kg.

2.Side and rear protection are cold-formed steel / Q235,

Side protection bolt connection; rear protection welding, cross-section size: 100 × 50mm. The lower edge is 450mm above the ground. Optional rear upper tail plate, optional rear structural style. 3.Optional front cover with chassis

Bumpers, front combination lamps. ABS model / manufacturer: ABS / ASR-12V-4S / 4M / Xiangyang Dongfeng Longcheng Machinery Co., Ltd.


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