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Congestion in North America has returned, three major European ports have collapsed, India and Bangladesh have been clogged to bursting, shipping companies launched sky-high cancellation fees

The traditional peak season in Europe and the United States has not yet started, but the world's biggest ports are already jammed.

In North America, THE congestion in Long Beach, Los Angeles, has returned, and Vancouver and Toronto have joined THE queue of congested ports. The Alliance even announced on THE EC5 route that it will continue to jump THE port of Halifax for 8 weeks, and no docking will be arranged before September!  

Europe's second largest port, Antwerp, after Rotterdam and Hamburg also began to congestion, so far, Europe's three largest container ports have all collapsed!  

In Asia, 50,000 containers are overcrowded and congested. The transit ports of Singapore and Colombo continue to be congested, causing many shipping companies to stop accepting new bookings in Chittagong, Bangladesh.  

Then, of course, there is the port of Durban in South Africa, which was just suspended because of riots, and the port of Port-au-Prince in Haiti, which was suddenly closed....... after the president was assassinated.


                                            North America: Congestion is back in L.A., Vancouver and Toronto!  

According to a shipping tracking found that after the epidemic, the first "congestion city" in Long Beach, Los Angeles, recently began to worsen, the number of containers queuing for berthing increased significantly, and the waiting time for berthing also returned to more than 5 days.  

The latest data from the Port of Los Angeles shows that after hitting a record high of more than 1 million TEUs per month, the import of cargo ships in Los Angeles next week will also exceed 170,000 TEUs, a 29.10% increase over the previous week and a 78.09% surge over the same period last year.

With the increasing congestion in the port, the waiting time for container ships to berthing is also increasing. The latest number of waiting containers has reached 18, and the average waiting time has reached 5.3 days!  

Of course, in addition to Long Beach, Los Angeles, where a forest fire has shut down rail service, Vancouver and Toronto have joined the congestion and delays at ports!  

As of Tuesday afternoon, cargo was piling up at the port of Vancouver, Canada's largest port, with as many as 41 ships still moored.  Maersk expects congestion at Vancouver's port to cause delays of at least a week.  


  •                                                  Europe: The ports of Rotterdam, Hamburg and Antwerp all fell

  • After Rotterdam, Hamburg, Felixstown and Le Havre, Antwerp has now become the latest northern European port to suffer a knock-on effect of congestion, with waiting times extended to five days.  

    The congestion has prompted the 2M Alliance to temporarily cancel its Antwerp link on the AE55/Griffin loop for six weeks!  

    The suspension will begin with the 23936TEU MSC Diletta, which departed from China in week 28.  

    In addition, the "MSC La Spezia" round of the loop will be "extended down" by one week from week 29 to week 30, and the revised ETA will arrive in Shanghai on August 1, 2021 in response to the current challenging market conditions.  

Maersk said it had decided to skip the AE55 stop in Antwerp because of "high yard density and exceptionally long waiting times for ships".  MSC said land side and berth congestion in Antwerp "affected the reliability of shipping schedules and led to delays in shipments".  

Until then, 2M's AE6/Lion service will skip Le Havre and retain the Antwerp stop.  

  • The congestion in the ports of Rotterdam and Hamburg has not eased.

  • The two largest ports in Europe, THE Port of Rotterdam and THE Port of Hamburg, have been successively abandoned by many shipping companies, such as THE Alliance and 2M Alliance, since they fell into congestion.  

    According to the latest information of ShipInfo, the congestion situation in Rotterdam Port and Port of Hamburg has not been relieved so far.  




                                        Asia: transit ports in Singapore are gridlocked, India and Chittagong face paralysis!  

Compared with Europe and the United States, some port congestion in South Asia is more deadly, but due to the weak economic status of the ports and the countries where they are located, the congestion situation is ignored by the industry and media!  

According to the Federation of Indian Export Organizations (FIEO), there are now nearly 50,000 containers backlogged at Indian ports!  

According to the Container Liners Association of India (CSLA), congestion has left at least 55 per cent of the container fleet stuck at various ports or on water, exacerbating the shortage of containers in the region.  

The sellers refused to pay the high cabin and container rents incurred by container ships that stayed in port for too long, which led to a vicious circle of nearly 50,000 containers being overwhelmed at Indian ports.  


Herberot abandoned Chittagong is still congested  


More than 14,000 export containers have been stored in the Inland Container Depot (ICD) due to tight feeder capacity, congestion at regional transshipment ports and berthing delays at Chittagong port.  

He expects the situation to continue at least until the end of July and announced a suspension of bookings from Singapore to Chittagong.  





  • Unbearable, shipping company launches sky-high port congestion charge!

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